The Girl Who Saved The Ocean

Author : Samantha BellIllustrator : Toria AshplantThis is a story about a girl who loved to surf,
She had always loved the ocean much more than the earth.
She had good friends there, including a seal named Scottie, And there was Otto the octopus, and her favourite dolphin, Dotty.
When Otto gets caught up in a plastic bag, the girl decides she wants to restore the ocean. Can she find the courage to help her friends and put a stop to plastic pollution?
Join her in this story about bravery, empowerment
and a journey to save the ocean!
Release date : 1st July 2023
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-915641-04-5£8.99
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Samantha BellSamantha lives in Bristol but is originally from Dorset. She loves spending time outdoors, particularly days at the beach, as well as reading, yoga and exploring new cities and countries. She is passionate about the environment and wrote The Girl who Saved the Ocean to help educate chi...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Toria AshplantToria is a primary school teacher and children’s book illustrator who grew up in the coastal county of Dorset. She is extremely passionate about global warming and pollution and believes it’s important for children to learn how to take care of the...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

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