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Follow a young girl's journey as she questions the universe about the secrets of life. Can she find her inner calm to...

Author : Cleteisha Ann WashingtonIllustrator : Aleksandra Szmidt
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The Happy Mask

Maggie doesn't want to wear a mask. She thinks masks make people look mean. So Dad has an idea for how Maggie can show...

Author : Aimee ChanIllustrator : Angela Perrini
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Tala the Bengal Tiger

The second book in the series is a thrilling story about a girl and the endangered Bengal Tiger. What is the connection...

Author : Beverly JatwaniIllustrator : Sunita Chawdhary
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Harriet's Expanding Heart

It's normal for children living in stepfamilies to have lots of different feelings and to feel different things at...

Author : Rachel BraceIllustrator : Angela Perrini
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The perfect balance between text and illustration can make a picture book truly magical.

At Little Steps we are fortunate to have worked with a number of extraordinarily talented illustrators. 

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Partnership Publishing allows the creator to financially invest in their manuscript in exchange for much higher royalties rates.

Little Steps will help you to produce high-quality children's books, offering all of the production elements and services that large publishing houses provide!

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