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Black Sun The Dung Beetle

Little dung beetle loves nothing more than pushing dung balls. When he accidentally enters the great dung ball...

Author : Tang TangIllustrator : Nia Gould
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Eesha and the Mud Monster Mystery

10-year-old Eesha is new to the town and her primary school. She’s struggling to fit in and soon finds herself the...

Author : Wendy GoucherIllustrator : Laura Wood
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The Miracle of the Grey Swan

A beautiful story about a deep friendship between a little boy and a family of swans. With the help of Weiwei and his...

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Snow White's Escape

When Liang goes to the local circus, he sees a goat called Snow White fall from the high wire. Imagine his surprise when...

Author : Zhao LihongIllustrator : Claudia Navarro
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Hop Lola Hop! A Magical Christmas Adventure

It’s very nearly Christmas and it promises to be a magical one for Lola and Ella ... that is until our little...

Author : Kathy UrbanIllustrator : Siski Kalla
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The Girl Who Saved The Ocean

This is a story about a girl who loved to surf, ...

Author : Samantha BellIllustrator : Toria Ashplant
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The perfect balance between text and illustration can make a picture book truly magical.

At Little Steps we are fortunate to have worked with a number of extraordinarily talented illustrators. 

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