“ As a 'graduate' of the Little Steps publishing process, I am just so grateful that I had the chance to experience publishing of such a high calibre and also to be able to read the book aloud at so many libraries. It's been very rewarding. ”
Katrien Pickles - Georgina and Dad the Dragon
“ Thank you, I'm very happy with all aspects of the process and have really enjoyed working with you all! Angel's cover design just makes me smile every time I see it. If I had chosen to go the self-publishing route I would never have thought of the layout and design she chose, which really makes my illustrations sing. The work she has put into it is worth every cent I have invested in this process! I am just so proud of the outcome!! ”
Karen Allen - An A - Z of Creatures
“ I was really a blank canvas and I am so grateful to have had my hand held and led in the right direction along the way. ”
Leisa Papa - Daniel and the Dummy Fairy
“ The publishing process has been professional, informative and feels like everyone was dedicated to producing the best quality product they could. It's been a real joy. ”
Hanuman Das - Omservations - Tales of a Spiritual Traveller
“ Communication has been wonderful and I am so grateful to the team for making me feel so involved and valued. ”
Kat Ilich - The Cat with no Tail
“ It has been a wonderful and exciting journey getting my book ready for publication. Thank you to the wonderful people at Little Steps. I have been impressed by their professionalism and creativity at every step of the way. ”
Cherelle Flemming - Buy Me A Monkey
“ It's been an amazing journey! Everyone that I have worked with has been so supportive and have taught me so much. Thank you Little Steps! ”
Rebecca McGregor - Tummy Holes
“ The professionalism of the Little Steps team made the whole process easy and stress-free. Thank you! ”
Sean Williams - My Nanna Nelly will tour the Illawarra tomorra
“ A very professional company, offering lots of assistance and suggestions to make the process easy. Thanks so much! ”
Helen Bock - A Show for Bonnie
“ Great to work with! ”
Carrie Webster - Francois the Fearless Circus Peg
“ I have appreciated the support and guidance I have received from Little Steps. The team is fantastic. It has been lovely collaborating with Little Steps to bring my dream to life. ”
Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern - Charlie's Adventures...in Hawaii
“ A delight to work with! Really helpful and I am happy to be publishing my new book with you. ”
Michelle Path - Cody the Pony
“ All the team were great to work with and I can't wait to do it again! ”
Robert Costa - Little Sower Samuel
“ Most helpful and professional. ”
Nancy Watson - Flossie Catches the Christmas Starr
“ Has been a great journey! Everyone has been so supportive. ”
Anita Green - My Humans
“ Very professional, supportive and easy. ”
Robyn Brown - Evan's Turning Seven
“ It's been a great experience with help provided all along the way. ”
Diana Weston - Backyard Friends
“ Perfect in every way! Expert advice during the whole process. Made my dream come true so smoothly! ”
Shelly Fussell - Carmichael's Journey
“ Great service, great people and very happy with the finished product. ”
Toni Cary - Alcheringa Snow
“ Special thanks to all the team at Little Steps for making the publishing experience such a positive one! I really appreciate the support and direction you have offered throughout the process.
The final product has been well worth all the hard work! ”
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