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First established in Australia and launched in the UK in 2019, Little Steps Publishing has been publishing extraordinary picture books for over a decade. At Little Steps, our team of professionals have a proven track record of domestic and internationally successful books and provide a complete service for the aspiring children’s author.

As opposed to self-publishing, which only allows an author to buy a quantity of books, partnership publishing provides the perks of a much larger publishing house but it allows you to have much more creative control to publish the exact book of your dreams!

With your help, Little Steps can take care of the printing, design, marketing, editing, proofreading, public relations, production and distribution of your children’s book.
At the end of the publishing process, your book will have received the same amount of care and attention as a book published through a major publisher. This includes the most extensive and beneficial editing available, professional illustrations, a team of designers working on the branding of your book and all production and distribution sorted.

In working with Little Steps Publishing, the author can take on the risks and financially invest in his or her own book, entitling them to receive majority royalties (For more information on royalty rates head to our FAQs  
 Need some writing tips and resources before you submit?  Check out some useful hints and resources here.  Read about the publishing process here. Check out our step by step flow chart through the Little Steps publishing process here.

We strive to maintain great relationships with our authors,
see what they have to say about working with us...

"As a 'graduate' of the Little Steps publishing process, I am just so grateful that I had the chance to experience publishing of such a high calibre and also to be able to read the book aloud at so many libraries. It's been very rewarding."

Katrien Pickles - Georgina and Dad the Dragon

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