Author Debs Pharoah Pink

Debs is passionate about wildlife and nature. Having joined the online Self-Isolating Bird Club, started by Chris Packham in March 2020, she found a welcome platform for her nature poems. She’s written poetry since her early teens on many subjects and tried her hand at storytelling too. Spending many years as a primary school teaching assistant supporting children with dyslexia and dyscalculia, the ideas just kept coming. A Squirrel’s Tale is her debut book and hopefully the beginning of an exciting new adventure. Dabbling in drawing and amateur photography are two more passions and Debs wanted to illustrate her story herself, using her favourite art medium, pencil and fine line pen. She lives in a beautiful corner of Dorset with her husband and Dexter the dog and they have four grown up children and two grandsons. As well as the shared family cats, Ginger, Ninja, Gazza and Yoshi, they share their garden with a fox, badgers, squirrels, birds and many other fascinating creatures.

Books by Debs Pharoah Pink

A Squirrel's Tale £8.99Paperback 
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