Editorial Services

Essential Editorial

Our Essential Editorial service gives your book a thorough review of the basics, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and sentence structure. When your book is returned, you can expect a clean and professionally edited text that is ready to be read by a wide audience.

Editorial Review

When necessary, our editors will supply you with an Editorial Review. An Editorial Review is an overview of your manuscript. It details the book's strengths and its areas for improvement, a sample Line Edit to show the types of errors found, and suggestions for further improvements.

Line Editing

As the author of your own work, it is hard to catch all of the typos and errors that lurk within the pages, even if you read it over and over again. When Line Editing, our editors go through every line of your manuscript to catch the errors you may have overlooked.

Content Editing

When your manuscript requires more extensive changes, Content Editing allows an editor to provide assistance with clarity, sentence structure, plot development, and — especially important for non-fiction books — consistency of information and ideas.


At the end of the entire editing process, the editor will make one last review of your manuscript to ensure it is ready for publication. The entire editing process usually takes eight weeks, with your approval of each change at it happens along the way. At the end of the editing process, your book will have received the most extensive and beneficial editing available.
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