5 Tips For Writing a Great Press Release

December 12th, 2018
You don’t need to pay a publicist to get great marketing materials for your book - you are are a writer after all! A press release is your first and best marketing tool for getting information about your book into print, online and radio media. Here are some of the fundamentals of putting together a great press release.

1. Find your hook
What’s special about your book? What is your point of difference? Why should readers pick up your book over another? If you can answer these questions in the first couple of sentences of your press release, you’ll be more likely to pique an editor’s interest.

2. Write like a journalist
It’s important to remember that many media outlets will publish the content of your press release without changing much at all - if anything - so write it like an article and make sure you’re happy with potential readers reading it the way you’ve written it. Journalists are hungry for good content so if you can give them a press release that's newsworthy and print-ready, you'll be more likely to get information about your book in front of potential readers.

3. Provide a quote

Include a pithy quote about your book, your process, or your reason for writing this particular story. This will give your press release a personal touch and will allow an editor to reframe your press release like an interview.

4. Avoid cliches
Avoid overused ‘sales’ phrases such as ‘great summer read’ or references to reading on the beach or the blockbuster movie deal you expect to be offered in the future. These are done to death and will cause an editor’s eyes to glaze over. Keep your press release grounded and to the point, focusing on the elements that most set you and your book apart. 

5. Keep it short and sweet
Keep your press release to one page, focusing on only the necessary information. You’ll want to include your contact details, your website and have at least one high resolution image to send along with your press release. Make sure you have the right to use any imagery you send out though and to include the appropriate credits for photography and illustrations. 

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