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January 21st, 2021

We were lucky enough to chat to Maggie May Gordon, award winning poet and children's author. Maggie's new book Two Teddies in Tutus is available to buy now.
Check out how her Q & A with us went below...

·      Where did your inspiration for Two Teddies come from?

From loving teddies!  Who didn’t when they were a child? They have a habit of turning up in your bassinet or on your bed .. and of course, they simply must be in your bag when you travel. Who couldn’t be inspired by those little ballerinas in tutus … even when they turn the wrong way, somehow it seems right!!

·      After being an award-winning poet, what made you go into writing children’s books?

I’ve written heaps of poems including those for children. One was so popular it inspired me to expand on it and so I wrote the story. I’ve always thought ‘if you write for a child, a child is still within you’ … and I guess she still is!!

·      What was your favourite childhood book and why?

Enid Blyton’s books: Secret Sevens and Famous Fives and whatever else she wrote ... I think many of us look for the books of the writer we like. She was a prolific writer, with a great imagination … it was so easy to go on adventures with her!

·      If you weren’t writing, what do you think you would be doing?

I could not be, not writing. I’d be lost without it! I’m a bit of a homebody ... have always loved to read and now I have the gift that I’m able to write books, too!

·      What is your writing process?

I wait until something is firmly in my mind and usually in a couple of days I will either write it or type it. Once it’s on paper/computer it’s easy to go back to modify or add to it as ideas present. I like to write to a title, sometimes that’s the starting point.

·      What or who is your biggest inspiration in general?

The people I’ve met (including teddies!), the places of been to… specially if they are historic and ultimately, life’s journey (we all have stories to tell!) Of course, the characters I create inspire me greatly to ‘soldier on’ with their story, as with Two Teddies in Tutus, Basil the Bully & What-To-Do, Polly Profiterole’s Little Town Good Enough to Eat. Create the character and they will help create the story!

·      How long did it take you to write Two Teddies in Tutus?

Not long. As said I wait till its firmly in my mind .. I ‘partner’ with the story; I don’t ‘push’ it. The teddies book was constructed over a few of days,  

·      How do you get out of writer’s block?

I don’t get into it. It’s no-good sitting at a computer or desk and telling yourself you are going to write such & such. Let it go, let it flow. It may just reveal itself quite clearly when it’s ready ... and then you are!

·      Who do you think will love Two Teddies?

You, me and the world! There’s a world full of teddies ... aren’t they the most calming, tender little things, never complaining, even when dragged around the floor, thrown into the boot or chewed by the household pet. They sit there, perhaps looking a little baffled but smiling just the same!  Something we all should do.

·      Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

Well, I do believe I have a gift ... and am ever thankful for that! There is no other reason as I commenced work (and paid board) before I turned 15. I’ve no formal training in writing but I firmly believe that your journey through life is the best educator.  

Some people have said to me: “Maggie you are so clever” and I say to them “No, I am not clever ...  I am creative!”

Two Teddies in Tutus

Two Teddies in Tutus... how did they come to be? 
Two little girls want something very special for Christmas, but they can’t decide exactly what! 
From the magic pen of Maggie May Gordon comes a heart-warming story all little ballerinas will love.
Purchase Here

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