How to Create the Perfect Writing Space at Home

April 2nd, 2020

Creating a great writing space can put you in the right frame of mind to ignite ideas, inspire creativity and work more affectively. If writing at home is new to you, assigning a certain area of your house specifically for your writing whether it be a desk, the kitchen table or even the window-sill can increase your productivity and creativity. 

Choose a space in your home where you feel comfortable and a place that you are mostly free from distraction. If possible, you should choose an area that you are comfortable in but not an area that you use to unwind (e.g. sofa or bed). You don't want to end up sneaking towards the remote, scrolling through your phone or even falling asleep! 

If you can, surround yourself with things that will ignite your imagination or inspire you. Create a mood board for your story and place it so you can see it whenever you are writing. Find some inspirational quotes and/or pictures of friends/family/pets if they will help you get those creative juices flowing. Anything that helps you stay focussed and excited about your writing and ideas is a must!

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